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Gossipgurl deleting her blog?

Posted by ~Danger Craver on June 5, 2007

Hey guys! I just visited Gossipgurl25’s blog and I couldn’t believe my eyes! She was going to delete her blog! She posted that she’ll take what the people have to say as her decision. I already posted saying don’t do it! It would really mean alot to me if people went to her blog and told her to keep her blog too. She is one of the three people who inspired me to make my own blog! I don’t want to see the person who inspired me to make my own blog destroy theirs!



One Response to “Gossipgurl deleting her blog?”

  1. dandeman13 said

    Actually Nice91, youre 100% incorrect. I dont know if you have followed her story that occured within the past 3 weeks or so, but gg25 aka Holagurrl25 was hacked. The hacker deleted all of the posts, but fortunatley, the hacker is unable to delete the blog. I guess I will comment on your site more often, but only if you do the same for me. Waddle On! ~ Dandeman13

    Thanks! I will surely visit your website!


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