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New Moderator

Posted by Flowery Guy on May 20, 2007

Hi Everyone

Im Flowery Guy

Ill be helping out on this site

Thanks for inviting me Dangercraver!




5 Responses to “New Moderator”

  1. brisn said

    yay im first anyway i heard disney joined clubpenguin and how do i join clubpenguin

  2. iwish said

    how to be a moderator

    Dangercraver: I assign Moderators myself.

  3. Alessandro Marzocca said

    Hello I was wondering if i could become a moderator.I am 18 years old.And My penguin name is Eco35.And my penguin is a member.


  4. Markmedina99 said

    i want to be a moderator, but i’m still in the philippines. how can i be a moderator?

  5. greencolor1 said

    can i be a free moderator my penguin’s name is cr fr 13 and i’m over 18 years old but i live in greece :$

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